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Run Out Escape Rooms in the heart of Seinäjoki.
Run Out gives an exciting live gaming experience, where your teams task is to solve the mysteries and puzzles in groups of 2-6 people before you run out of time, which is 60 minutes. The games are suitable for the whole family and the experience is surprisingly exhilarating. As in live exit game, you are playing with real people in real space - It is really exciting!


Small caribian island has been devastated by a hurricane. You are rebuilding the islands infrastucture. The cemetery has been damaged in a heavy storm. Now the innocent and restless souls are wandering on the streets and scare people.
Local Voodoo priestess Petite Manbo has captured you and is about to applaud the gods by sacrificing our lives at the sacrificing party that starts in an hour.
Will you get out and send the souls to their last journey before the sacrificial altar floods your blood...


Your are trapped in a shipwrecked ship and the ship is sinking.
You need to find out your location and send an emergency message to the nearest ship.
However, the door to the evacuation deck will open only when you are able to start the water pumps and close the ship's water ports.
You have just one hour to find your way out or you gonna sink with the ship.


Run Out has an alcohol licence. Snacks and drinks available.  




Voodoo & Shipwreck

    4-5 PERSON

      Voodoo & Shipwreck

      6 PERSON

        Voodoo & Shipwreck


        Run Out Seinäjoki

        Kalevankatu 2, Seinäjoki

        email: seinajoki(at)  | tel. +358 100 5527